Design A Spring

There’s More To Designing A Spring Than Meets The Eye

Spring design goes beyond fit & function. There are many other elements to be considered. The more extreme the conditions for use, the more a custom designed spring is needed.

• Type of Environment

- Is the ambient temperature ever below freezing? Above the boiling point? There are special materials that can perform well under these conditions.

• How is the Spring to be used?

- What will be the static load versus the shock load? Static load is the force on the spring before it is put into motion. Shock load results by extending or compressing the spring to its extreme in a fast or violent cycle.

- What is the frequency of deflection? Is it 1 cycle or 3500 cycles per minute? The higher the frequency, the more internal stress that is put on the material. Thicker material doesn’t mean a stronger spring.

- Will the part containing the spring be subjected to impact or high frequency vibration? In these instances, design of the spring housing is as critical as the spring design.

• How Critical is it to the Part’s Function?

- If spring failure results in a costly total part failure, then a little more money spent on custom design is good insurance.

• How should the spring be tested?

- The sophistication and cost of testing must be balanced against the above considerations.

Design Choices Available

• Materials

- Stainless, Inconel, piano wire, etc.

• Wire

- Cross sections - round, square or any other geometric shape.

- Diameter

• Coil

- Straight, conical other     - Windings per inch

- Inside & outside diameter    - Direction of helix

- Length inside ends        - Load (lbs. at inch)

- Number of active coils      - Rate (lbs/inch)

- Operating temperature      - Initial tension

- Frequency of extension     - Body length

- End use or application      - Other

• End Type Design

- Round, square, open, closed, ground/not ground, etc.

• Finish

- Multiple plating and color dye choices

• Other

- Shot peened

- Passivated

- Stress relieved

- etc.

Contact us to design your custom-made spring or wire form.

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