The following are terms that you may not be familiar with:


Heating of electroplated springs to relieve hydrogen embrittlement.

Elastic Limit:

Maximum stress subjected a material may be without permanent set.

Heat setting:

Fixturing a spring at elevated temperature to minimize loss of load at operation temperature.

Hydrogen Embrittlement:

Hydrogen absorbed in electroplating or pickling of carbon steels, tending to make the spring material brittle and susceptible to cracking and failure.


Acid treatment of stainless steel to remove contaminants and improve corrosion resistance.

Residual Stress:

Stresses induced by set removal, shot peening, cold working, etc. These stresses may/may not be beneficial, depending on the application.

Stress Relieve:

Subject springs to low-temperature heat treatment to relieve stresses.

Shot Peening:

A cold-working process in which the material surface is peened to induce compressive stresses and thereby improve fatigue life.

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