Wire Forms

Wire forms are customized products that are designed for unique applications. They can range from simple to more detailed and complex designs.

Wire forms are usually made from round wire but any type wire can be used. Metal finishing such as plating and dying is also available.

When selecting metal types, take into account the usage environment such as extreme temperatures, caustic chemicals, etc.

Wire forms can be fabricated to resist forces from any direction or multiple directions. They can be used for repetitive or non-repetitive motion. Many times, wire forms are used to hold multiple parts in place (ex. a split ring). Load type (static or shock) also affects design considerations.

Wire forms are subjected to statistical process control to guarantee consistency and specifications compliance. Multiple testing is available such as hardness, maximum sustainable load, fatigue, replications to first failure, etc.

Wire forms can be packaged and bar coded for more efficient handling.

There are more wire form designs and applications than can possibly be envisioned by one individual.

MIXEDwire forms

MIXEDwire forms

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